California Bones - Greg Van Eekhout The Girl with All the Gifts - M.R. Carey

Looking back, I *think* I've actually only given two five-star reviews to my Netgalley reads thus far. (Hey, it's not that bad-- I'm not exactly a Netgalley veteran.) As it turns out, both books came out last week.


I don't want to get in the business of advertisement and whatnot, but I figured it was worth a mention, especially since my reviews were a while ago (a little over a month and around a fortnight, respectively). Both have pretty extensive excerpts available if you want to give them a try. I checked and the excerpts are pretty representative of the books; if you're intrigued, you may want to take a look.


California Bones probably will appeal most to fans of LA noir authors such as James M Cain. It involves a magical heist. I love heists. It also has a thoroughly weird magical system. I love weird magical systems. Here's my review.

Here's a three-chapter excerpt.

I tend to summarize books in terms of music. California Bones is Assassin's Creed's "No Mistakes."


Girl with all the Gifts is utterly spectacular, and is the first book in I-don't-know-how-long that put me a hair's breadth away from crying at the gym. I did apparently look upset enough that a girl on a treadmill next to me kept looking over worriedly. Here's my review.(If you're in the UK, you've had this for months, but we unlucky Americans only got it a few days ago.) 

They've pulled down the extended preview that used to be available on various booksellers' sites, but here's a ten-chapter excerpt. (I find it really hard to read on that yellow background, but whatever, there's always copy-paste or printview.)

There's also a Goodreads giveaway up right now.

In terms of music, Girl with all the Gifts is James Newton Howard's "London"/"Solomon Vandy" from Blood Diamond.


I promise I won't bombard you with book ads or anything. It just seemed like a fortuitous coincidence.

Here's to a future of Netgalley five-stars!