Hello, my name is Carly, and I'm addicted to reading.


I like "low" genre fiction, especially books that combine mystery, humour, and fantasy with as little romance as possible. I've been on a hardboiled urban fantasy binge for a while with no end in sight.


I love strong characters, creative worlds, thematic depth, and lots of humour. My reviews tend to be cranky because I tend to over-analyze everything and even tiny internal inconsistencies drive me crazy.To go a little (more) tvtropes, I am allergic to Mary Sues, hate being pounded with Morality Hammers, and am also *cough* something of a belligerent feminist. I love genre-savvy narrators and mood whiplash, am a total sucker for stoic woobies and sad clowns, and am coming to terms with my addiction to bad puns. I rate books based on personal enjoyment and severely limit 5's to keep the rating meaningful.


My reviews tend to be loooong--I'm a wordy person and use the review space to both summarise and react to the text. I try quite hard to stay spoiler-free via heavy use of spoilertags. If you think I have spoiled some part of a book, please let me know!


Like so many of the new members, I'm a GoodReads transplant, and still trying to find my feet here on BookLikes. I haven't had the time to actually decorate and css-ify my site, so apologies for the mess. Although I'm not very active there, I'm still at GR--you can visit me there at https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/4490040-carly.