I know this isn't really related to books, but it is for me because I listen to music while I read, creating a formal or informal soundtrack for each book. I listen via either Spotify or Amazon music. 

And I figured it might help someone else to keep their playlists.


Amazon has put out a new version of their music app. If you use Amazon Music, your app will be irrevocably "Auto-updated" to Amazon Prime Music and, as a side effect, you may lose your playlists.

I did.


Unsurprisingly, the new app pushes Prime first and foremost--the music you have bought is relegated to less prominent and more difficult-to-access menu options.

New interface. Yep, the right is at the top of my music lists. No, I don't have Prime, and right now, I have no plans on handing Amazon any more money.


More problematically, I lost all of my playlists, several of which were created for specific books. Just so I know what I lost, the playlist name is still there; it's just all the songs that are gone.

Then the app crashed.

I'm rather upset.


If you use the player, I'd strongly advise making sure your playlists are uploaded to the cloud (apparently mine weren't) before you allow the upgrade.


At least it finally gave me the impetus to switch from Amazon to Google.