Thanks, Murder By Death, for the tag!


BOOKLET OR TOME? Booklet, definitely. I get bored easily.


PRE-OWNED OR NEW?  Pre-owned.  I love used books, and not just because I'm a penny-pinching cheapskate.  I love thinking about the other people who read them, wondering if the creases in the back at that particular location presage something wonderful or awful.  Very old books are the best, especially when the previous owner has been uncouth enough to write in the book.  I'm fascinated by those little glimpses into other lives.


HISTORICAL FICTION OR FANTASY? Definitely fantasy, unless it's a historical mystery.


HARDCOVER OR PAPERBACK? Probably paperback. Hardbacks cost more to ship and I'm cheap.


FUNNY OR SAD? If I have to pick one, definitely funny.  The best books manage to be simultaneously heartwrenching and hilarious, but while I do like a bit of Wodehouse, I don't ever read pure tragedy if I can help it.


DO YOU PREFER READING IN SUMMER OR IN WINTER? I live in a region without seasons.


CLASSICS OR MAINSTREAM? Mainstream, probably.


GUIDEBOOK OR FICTION? I don't really read nonfiction, let alone guidebooks.  I actually don't think I've ever read a guidebook.  I like to read "gritty" books, and it's bizarrely important to me that the tragedies and emotions did not actually happen to anyone.


CRIME NOVEL OR THRILLER? Crime every time.


E-BOOK OR PRINT EDITION? A year ago, I would have said print all the way, but I recently got into ebooks.  I love the zoomable text sizes, the backlighting (I read in a dim gym), the availability, and the highlighting capabilities.


COLLECTING OR CLEARING OUT?  I'm definitely a clear-out. Most of my books are library, but I don't keep most of the ones I buy around long either. Too many books makes me feel guilty because I feel like the books are going to waste on my shelves. I'm a lender and a donator.  It does tend to make rereads a bit tricky, however.


INTERNET OR BOOKSTORE? I'm a horrible person.  I need to break my Amazon addiction.




BEST OR BAD SELLER?  Uhh...agnostic?  I don't tend to think about the popularity of a book much, except that I stick to traditionally-published books.


COOKBOOKS OR BAKING BOOKS? I hate to say it, but I don't really cook anymore.  I used to bake a lot, though, and had a collection of various baking books. My favourite things to make were Moravian cookies and these little meringue mushrooms where the underside of the cap was melted chocolate. Argh. Now I want to start baking again.


I'm a wee bit late to this and I am half asleep, so apologies if you've already been tagged (or if I missed you--I was trying not to double-tag and may have gotten mixed up), and feel free to ignore if you're not into these things (or if you don't see this, in which case you don't have much choice in the matter...)


The Farceur Trilogy,

Url Phantomhive,

Merry Meercat Marginalia,

The Butler Did It,



Portable Magic,


I choose you! :)