Trunk Music  - Michael Connelly

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Trunk Music

by Michael Connelly


After his utterly catastrophic meltdown in the last book, Bosch is somehow back on Hollywood homicide and about to get into his first case--a man executed and shoved in his trunk. It has all the earmarks of a hit by the outfit--a little "trunk music," as they would say. But Bosch, suspicious as always, grabs hold of the case and refuses to let go, even though it leads him into a tangled mess of gambling, revenge, and the mob in a city even more corrupt than his own: Las Vegas.

Although it wasn't deep or particularly thought-provoking, in terms of pure easy-going enjoyment, this one might rank top of my list in the series so far. Very little of the book is spent agonizing over Bosch's personal tragedies. It's back to business as usual, and in this one, Bosch actually has reasonable control over his temper.  Plus, with less of a focus on personal tragedy, the mystery takes center stage.  Our 'walk-on-to-prove-a-point' female characters from the last book are gone, but this time, three new ones have been introduced--and two aren't even love interests! What a thought! I'm curious if they'll stick around. The mystery is solid, the plot is fun, and Bosch, rather than antagonizing everyone he meets, actually has some great and heartwarming moments of camaraderie and (for him) friendship. Personally, I suspect that the Bosch series was originally intended to be a quartet, but that popularity (and perhaps an affection for the character) caused Connelly to continue the series.  Overall it adds up to a very enjoyable read.