Harrison Squared - Daryl Gregory We Are All Completely Fine - Daryl Gregory Pandemonium - Daryl Gregory

Ever since I managed to get an ARC of We Are All Completely Fine, I've been hoping that Daryl Gregory would put out a sequel. His writing is humorous and trenchant and utterly captivating, and he's currently responsible for single-handedly demolishing my book budget. (My library apparently hasn't heard of him and his books are really expensive-- kindle copies all ~$10, and they're quite short-- but I'm beginning to think they're totally worth it.) I've finished Pandemonium recently, but given my current reviewing rut, I may not get around to reviewing it.


And given the title of his next book, it's definitely a sequel to We Are All Completely Fine.


I am now officially praying to the God of Arcs for a copy of Harrison Squared.


In the meantime, I heartily recommend We Are All Completely Fine to anyone looking for a (very) short, enjoyably unique psychological urban fantasy story. (Given the topic, I'd definitely add a trigger warning, especially for self-harm and cutting, but I think Gregory handles the issues that he explores both thoughtfully and respectfully.)

And Pandemonium. (Although that one gets a 'lots of suicide themes' trigger warning.)

I need someone to squee with about it.