TL;DR: Things are busy, so I won’t be writing many reviews, but I’ll be on and reading your posts a couple of times a week. BL will remain my primary review place, but I’m going to start cataloguing and rating on GR again. I’m here:


Long and mildly apologetic version:

I wasn’t online last week because I moved and couldn’t get internet up in my new apartment, but things are also getting busier for me. Work takes up my weekdays, volunteering at an animal shelter takes up my Sunday, meeting up with IRL friends takes most of Saturday, and I’m about to start spending the remainder of my free time exercising another neglected hobby: fanart.


I finally signed up for my first real 2D art class since freshman year in highschool: a class in speedpainting.

Which, since this is me, means that this is going to turn into a (book) fanart class. Probably mostly Madness of Angels, since I’ve been dying to draw stuff for that but don’t have enough skill & technique to do it justice.


So, yeah, when the class starts in mid-September, I’m planning on rereading the series. (But don’t worry, I won’t bombard you with bad fanart :) )


In general, I’m going to keep reading, but I just don’t have time to review much anymore. I’m going to rate and catalogue in GR mainly because I’m sad to say that as a mobile user, BL has become increasingly user-unfriendly for me. At this point, it’s too much of a pain to try to rate and catalogue here, and things keep getting worse instead of better. BL still beats out LM, which is so resource-hungry that I can’t even get it to load on my tablet. (Memory leak?) I may also rate books on BL, but it’s so hard to use on my tablet that it will depend on me remembering when I’m in front of a PC. My reviews will still live on BL, though.



I’ll still be watching out for all of your reviews, but I figured that I’d explain why I haven’t responded to anything lately and why my reviews will be a little less frequent for a while.