So, I'm guessing that the new book popups are here to stay. As they make mobile pretty much unusable for me (the popups trigger randomly), I started trying to figure out how to disable them.

It's actually trivial on standard PC's, as long as you don't mind using Firefox. Personally, the new hover thing just irritates me in general, so I disabled it, at least on PC.

I took a look at the code; turns out it's a mouseover triggered by the presence of an attribute called "data-book." Sadly, this means that a CSS solution (which tends to be easier) probably won't cut it, but it's easy enough with Javascript.


All you need to do is install Greasemonkey (which lets you apply your own javascript to pages) and add an itsy bitsy script. I saved mine locally, so it looks like this:


 (iframe doesn't work on feed--you need to go to my site, sorry!)

If anyone actually wants more details, I'm happy to provide them. Basically, just install Greasemonkey, create new script -> fill in "namespace = http://localhost" and "includes =*" and then click ok. Then copy my script into the box that pops up. Then on Goodreads, make sure the monkey's face on the extension is not greyed out.


It doesn't seem to break anything for me--the click-to-bookpage still works--but no guarantees on anything.


Depressingly, that solution won't work on mobile. Apparently there are only two solutions: Opera, which lets you write js for it, and the Tampermonkey app, which creates a rather gawdawfully primitive browser that supports greasemonkey.

I installed Tampermonkey and stuck the same script in it. Then I opened up BL and turned on the script.

It's not an ideal solution--it means I actually have to use a separate browser just for Booklikes, but...