This meme has been bouncing around my feed of late, so I figured I'd join in. If it looks fun to you, grab the questions off of anyone's meme post and fill in your answers!


I'd love to know where the title comes from originally, actually.


Name: I go by Carly on teh interwebz. It's not my actual name, but it is a valid (if unusual) diminutive of my middle name.

Age: 26

Location: California, USA

When did you learn to read?

I'm not sure. Pretty early, but nothing spectacularly precocious.

I do know that I didn't learn how to distinguish "purpose" and "porpoise" until quite late. My sis and I got Highlights Magazine when we were little, and I still remember being too embarrassed to ask why the "fun with a purpose" section suffered from such a peculiar dearth of dolphins.


Favorite book genres:

I think I like anything of the form "detective + humour + x - romance", where x can be anything from science fiction to fantasy to history. 

Do you write as well?

Heh. Nope.

Do you read fanfiction? 

Nah, but I do have a pretty hardcore addiction to fanart as both producer and audience.


Other interests: 

Hiking, biking, doodling, crafts, programming, getting my puppy and kitty fix at the local animal shelter.