For a while, it seemed like being BL-only would work fine.  However, in the past few months, more and more people I followed here have announced that they will no longer be spending time on BL and will be returning to either LM or to GR. The changes here to database actually seem to have precipitated even more departures from people unhappy with the new UI. Whilst not all of them are on Leafmarks, I absolutely refuse to return to GR, so I've started thinking again about adding on LM as my secondary site. A lot of people have also been posting announcements of LM features, and I must say that it sounds pretty cool.


But here's my concern: I will most definitely keep BL as primary, and I suspect there will be very high overlap between my BL friends and my LM friends.


So for those of you who are also on LM, how would you feel about seeing partial versions of my reviews pop up in duplicate there on your feeds?  How would you feel about seeing blurb-links to BL?


In terms of blurb-linking, I would plan to do much the same as I currently do with my Netgalley reviews on GR, or possibly even more abridged. I want BL as my primary site, and I often edit heavily and want a central place to do so. LM will *not* be that central place. At the same time, if I participate there, I'll want to be able to post my reviews there in some form or other.


I have absolutely no problem with people defriending me on LM or ignoring the duplicate reviews there, but I'm just not certain how bad-form such a thing would be.  I'd also treat my friend feed here as primary and the LM one as secondary.


Backstory: When I first tried out LM, I requested a bulk delete/overwrite function because the CSV I initially uploaded wasn't really necessarily up-to-date.  The LM people misunderstood me, and, in an attempt to be helpful, deleted all of my books on LM, including whatever likes/comments actually were on my reviews. Whilst I understood how this happened, and it was mostly my fault for communicating badly, I now have serious trust issues with LM and have left my shelves empty there. (BTW, that's why I have all those shelf names and yet have no books over there.) However, I simply cannot trust LM as a primary repository any more, and I do a lot of editing and would prefer to keep reviews in one centralized place.




What's the etiquette on multi-site presence these days?