Welp, I've made it home, and have now discovered what happens when you tick the box on the US customs form that says that yes, yes, you did walk on farmland/ pastureland in a foreign country.


Whilst I was quite successful at predicting internet quality (poor to nonexistent), I seriously overestimated my ability to write reviews on planes.


So while I'm still planning to make it through the lineup from my post of last week, I think I'm going to hammer them out once per day for the next week.


Question for any Netgalley folks: if you read an arc that says you should check with the publisher before including quotes, but the book is already out in some countries and out in less than a week in your own, do you just go ahead and use quotes and note that they're from an arc, or do you really go and check with the publisher?


And wow, I have fallen behind on my feed.  I think I'm just going to go to sleep tonight and then try to catch up tomorrow.


Did anything especially interesting happen in the blogosphere this week? Otherwise, I think I'm just gonna handle the overwhelming feed by filtering to reviews-only.


See you around!