The First Fifteen Lives of Harry August - Claire North

In case you're reading this without having ever interacted with me in the last year or so, I guess I'll start by saying that I'm a fan of Kate Griffin. She wrote the Matthew Swift/ Magicals Anonymous books that I keep squeeing over.


Another important fact about me is that I'm vastly irritated by the plethora of pseudonyms that authors seem to collect around themselves these days.


So when I saw this:

I felt (a) pleased to have a new book to track down, but

(b) quite irritated because it had been in freaking Netgalley recently and I considered reading it, but ended up deciding that because the author was an unknown quantity, (1) I didn't like time-travel enough to chance it, and (2) it had high risk of becoming a romance. So I didn't request. Grr.

But hey, Kate Griffin/Claire North/Catherine Webb/Probably Someone Else As Well has a new book out!


Dear Orbit Books,

Since you seem quite ready to have your authors construct an entire retinue of nom de plumes, could you please, please do a bit of A/B testing to figure out if it even has the positive effect you seem to think it has?  Because it seems to me that knowledge of an author produces a positive bias, not a negative one.  And you certainly have the experimental subjects to actually check.


An increasingly frazzled reader attempting to keep track of pen-names.