Rabid: A Cultural History of the World's Most Diabolical Virus - Bill Wasik, Monica Murphy

Old Yeller

(Woof woof woof)

Come back Yeller

(Woof woof woof)

Best doggone dog in the West...


I thought it was going to be more about rabies' history and cultural effects rather than sensational descriptions of various people who died of the disease.

In retrospect, that may not have been a thoroughly considered supposition.



To make myself feel better, I decided to ignore the sensationalism and look up the actual statistics and prognosis on Wikipedia and the CDC.*

film animated GIF


I kinda want a rabies vaccine now.**



Yep. It's gonna be a DNF.***


Dean getting scared by a cat

(Hey, maybe he's afraid the cat's rabid.)


I know this post has a lot of GIFs, and I promise that this isn't the start of a new Carly-Using-GIFs trend. But since I couldn't post a picture of how bugged-out my eyes currently are, it was something of a necessity.


*I have never been more grateful that my eye implant is silicone.  Ughhhh.


**I volunteer at an animal shelter, so it's not a *totally* irrational desire. But omg what if the vaccine wasn't thoroughly dead when they injected it?


***Not because the book is bad, but because I'm an abject coward.