Another really interesting article I ran across--a writer (Myke Cole) with military experience comments on some problematic ways in which killing and death can be handled in books.



Some quotes:

I have tried hard to own those deaths, and the truth is that, in the end, they own me.

I don’t see these con­se­quences: that killing is per­ma­nent both for the slain and the slayer. That the event is a stone thrown in water, sending rip­ples through every con­trib­utor, every observer. That’s a piece of the land­scape of change that we call PTSD. It’s a sudden real­iza­tion that there are things you will always carry, no matter what you do. It is an event that colors every­thing you expe­ri­ence from that day for­ward. Forever.


After reading this post and the PTSD one (linked above), I totally just bought his first book.  I'll probably read it in about 3 weeks and report back.  Here's hoping it's as insightful as his blog posts...