I recently got asked about my "reviewing system" and was basically flummoxed.


After thinking about it, I guess I do keep notes (well, kindle-highlights or physical-book-sticky-note-bookmarks, but close enough), but everything else is very haphazard: sometimes I write reviews all in one go and sometimes I write them little by little; sometimes I know what I want to say right when I finish the book and sometimes I wait a week or more. 

So, out of curiosity (and apologies to the person who asked this--I'm totally paraphrasing them):


How do you review?

  • All in one go or little by little?
  • Do you draft your reviews?
  • Do you keep notes as you read?
  • Where do you find your balance between personal notes and tools for prospective readers, subjectivity and (if it's possible) objectivity?


One other thing: I'm probably going to be slow to reply for a while, so apologies in advance--I recently started a new job and the only time I can check BL is when I get home after work. And...

Any tips for managing an utterly overwhelming news feed?

Because currently I feel a bit like this when I get home at night.