I took a trip to visit my parents, my dog, and winter weather. Since (a) I wanted to spend Quality Time with my dog, and (b) she's incredibly spoiled and needy and hates being left alone for long periods of time, we took her snowshoeing with us.  But since she's really elderly and gets cold easily, we took her in a pup-poose. 


My dog is very strange. She's pretty talkative (she doesn't bark, but she has an entire repertoire of whines and mumbles), but she was utterly compliant and quiet throughout multiple days of snowshoeing pup-poose adventures.  She actually seemed sort of happy.


Of course, I'm not sure what other hikers would have thought of it. My tentative plan was to claim that she was adopted and suffered from lycanthropy.  Fortunately, we didn't see any other hikers the entire time we were out snowshoeing, so no one had to die of embarrassment.


*If you love dogs and you haven't heard of dogshaming.com, follow this link!