I work near a tribe of raccoons who are utterly unimpressed by humanity.  Occasionally you see them around, digging up flower beds and lawns, snuffling into trash bins, and, on one memorable occasion, teaching three tiny baby raccoons to climb a tree.  If you approach them, they give you the Evil Stare.  If that doesn't work, they start chittering at you.  If that still doesn't work, they up the amperage to Raccoon Death Stare and start walking towards you with a peculiar, stiff-legged, angry gait, chittering all the while.

I grew up in the South, where you basically assume every raccoon you see has rabies, so I tend to let the little guys have their way.  In this particular case, the guy took umbrage to having his photo taken, hefted himself out of the gutter, and stalked towards me.

I fled by bike.

I still kinda want one of the babies as a pet, though.