Bite Me: A Love Story - Christopher Moore

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Bite Me: A Love Story

by Christopher Moore


I tend to have difficulty warming to characters in Moore's books, but he is so very creative and entertaining that I just keep trying. In general, I never get the sense that Moore himself is particularly empathetic or sympathetic to his characters, and that most of the books' energies are devoted to comedy and zany plots. Moore is one of the best at such comedy: his books are always outrageous, creative, and bizarre, and definitely worth a read. However, despite the hilarious title, I don't think Bite Me is the best example of his work. My major issue with it is that it breaks one of my personal writing guidelines. I tend to love pastiche and parody, but I believe there is one cardinal rule: the authorial conceit should not interfere with the narrative flow. In this particular case, the narrative is written in Valley Girl voice and I found it vastly irritating to read, so much so that it overwhelmed my ability to enjoy the plot.

If you, like, are totally rad with the, like, idea of, like, reading the OBSESSIONS of, like, a teenage valley-girl who, like, writes kind of like this, OMG, and like CAPITALIZES random WORDS, with, like LOTS! of, like, punctuation!!, give this book a try.

Otherwise, if you're interested in Moore, then maybe take a look at some of his other books such as A Dirty Job or Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal.