Seriously, I'm a cheapskate on a grad student stipend. I rarely buy books and defend to the death my right to library-ize and used-book-buy, and I get grumpy every time someone tries to guilt me about how these practices defraud an author.  So when I do actually buy books, my purchase is very much intended as a vote of confidence and support for the author--an attempt to put my money where my mouth is.  


What, then, is the best way to purchase?

Before you automatically answer "indie bookstores": I've checked. There aren't many indie stores near me, and they tend to carry every type of media other than the printed word.[2]

The Kobo app behaves weirdly on my android tablet. Plus, this came up because I'm currently attempting to buy is a hook gift for someone else,[3] and forcing him to install software would not aid me in my evil plan.


So, here's my question:

Which is better for authors:


(a) a kindle purchase, or

(b) a dead-tree (from Amazon or similar) purchase?


Or does it not matter?


I stumbled across a post from Gail Carriger's blog a bit ago, where she claimed that ebooks "don't' count" and "don't help authors". According to Dear Author, the entire post is utterly, fatally incorrect, and kindle purchases actually provide more income. I've seen some other posts from authors scattered around, that ask readers to buy/review/buy-indie, but I haven't seen any others that actually distinguish between kindle and dead-tree.

If it helps or matters, most of the authors I currently like are thru Orbit, with a few thru Tor.


I strongly prefer kindle: it's way too freaking convenient.  But I'm willing to stretch a point and buy dead-tree.

If I need to.

Do I?

Does anyone know?



[1] Before you ask, yes, both images were labeled for reuse and modification.

[2] I'm also personally unconvinced that tiny stores can ever bring about the economic pressure that would be required to make Amazon behave better, but that's a whole other can of worms.

[3] And if you've interacted with me in the last 8 months, you now know what I'm buying.  I'm trying to find someone willing to squee about those books with me, so I'm trying it out on someone I already managed to indoctrinate to Pratchettism.