OK, so. This has absolutely nothing to do with books, not even tangentially.

I've been a fan of the band Carbon Leaf for years.  Probably my two favourite songs from them are "The War Was In Color" and "What About Everything," and "What About Everying" is probably #2 on my list of "Songs To Listen To When Upset Or Depressed." My music player died, so I was looking up "What About Everything" on youtube--and this was the third hit.  This is either because the video is popular or Google has (slightly creepily) divined that I am a fan of Supernatural. 


And it's actually a really good video.

And the song is a surprisingly good fit.


"Holiday sky, midnight clear

Wind is high, hard to steer

Old muffler rumbles

like an old fighter plane

In search of some rest

In search of a break

from a life of tests

something's always at stake

something's always so far

what about my broken car?

What about my life so far?

What about everything?"

It apparently only uses stuff up through the 5th season, so technically I should have seen all the episodes, so...

in what episode did they attempt to melt a rubber chicken?