Dogshaming is quickly becoming one of my favourite (i.e., timesink) sites (other than booklikes, of course.)





If only I'd known about this site when I was younger. We have photographic evidence of the Masala Incident, the Hell-No-You-Can't-Keep-Me-In-A-Dogrun Mudpuppy Debacle, and the Abandoned Dog TPing Protest Movement. One of my dog's better Incidents was The Mysterious Disappearance of the Strawberries.  We attempted to grow wild strawberries on our deck. The strawberries seemed to grow fine--they flowered, sprouted, and began to blush from green to red.  But the day before--or sometimes only a few hours before--we planned on picking them, they would disappear.  We blamed the birds. We blamed the bunnies. We blamed the deer.  Then, one day, we noticed my dog, who was sunning herself on the deck, stealthily get up and saunter over to the strawberry pot. She inspected it, sniffed a few times, and then carefully used her teeth to pluck off the ripest berries.


As my dog has aged, the drama has tapered off, mainly because we give her everything she wants.