Everyone else seems to be doing a personal retrospective of 2013, so here goes.


For me, this year was a year of Changes (The Dresden Files, #12)--or at least, the Harbingers (Repairman Jack, #10) of Changes (The Dresden Files, #12).

In terms of books, I discovered A Madness of Angels (Matthew Swift, #1)--and haven't shut up about it since.  I also did a bit of a return to the classics and rediscovered the inimitable Wilkie Collins.  I tried to be more Diversified in my reading, to limited success.

And, of course, the whole Goodreads Off-Topic The Story of an Internet Revolt occurred.
I made it through The Dreaded Qual (Allgemeine Reihe) Exam, but couldn't shake the Sense and Sensibility (Penguin Classics) that I was in the wrong place, that I was a Misfit, that research and Scenes of Academic Life simply weren't The Right Path for me.

I spent the summer working in The City and the City.
One Silent Night (Dark-Hunter, #15), as I was staring down at an The Equation That Couldn't Be Solved and realized that Yes, I Could Care Less, sudden Epiphany came. I decided to give up on my Pride and Prejudice (Modern Library Classics), to turn my back on an ill-fitting A Vision of the Future that I had tried so hard to make mine.
I told The Advisor.
I started the process of Cracking the Coding Interview. I Got a Job and It Wasn't That Bad

I'm trying to get my research All Wrapped Up
And in the midst of all that--actually, the day of the conference Deadline (Newsflesh Trilogy, #2) for my research paper-- I had a Retinal Detachment.
I had Emergency Surgery, 13ed and for a while, was Half Blind (Freelance Magic, #1), with a metal grating patch over my eye (I totally looked like a Star Trek Borg). Now I'm looking at a future (almost literally) Through New Eyes.

Cheers, 2013.
2014, Please, be less eventful.