Off-topic, except that my reasons for swapping off Ubuntu are mainly due to "spyware" from Almighty Amazon.


I've been an Ubuntu user for a while, and was quite happy with it up through 12.04, but I felt about as personally betrayed by the Ubuntu "spyware" thing " as I did by the whole GR controversy.  The short version: from 12.10 onwards, Ubuntu sends your desktop searches and actions to its parent, Canonical, which then sends it on to Amazon, etc., with the rationale of providing you a "shopping lens."  Gee, what more could we ask for.  



Sure, I think you can turn the "feature" off.  However, just like GR, Ubuntu/Canonical has broken my trust. It's not exactly that I mind the shopping lens, because apparently you can turn it off--although it's unclear to me whether turning it off means Canonical stops collecting your usage traces.  Like GR, it's more the precedent set: given the way Canonical handled this, how can I trust them as my OS?  Since Linux OSes tend to handle updating of all of your software, similar to the Android, if you can't trust your OS, you can't trust anything on your machine.  I waited it out for a year, not updating past 12.04, trying to see if Ubuntu would reverse its decision.  They haven't.


So yesterday, I swapped to Fedora, which is an open-source OS supported by Red Hat.  The new release (r20) came out this week.


 I've always loved Fedora--we used to have Fedora (Gnome) on our servers, and I nearly cried when our sysadmin swapped us to the "more stable" CentOS.  The major issue people have with Fedora is that it's bleeding edge--it updates early and often and that means bugs happen. Of course, in my opinion, that means that Fedora bugs usually get fixed, even if new ones are simultaneously introduced, while CentOS bugs last for years.  Ubuntu was incredibly buggy for me, and oftentimes, when I researched things, I discovered that the bugs had been fixed, but that the patched versions hadn't made it into the repo.  Fedora's bugs are always up-to-the-minute.


And I have to say: Fedora is gorgeous.  I'm using the KDE spin, and although I don't usually care about such things, I have to admit that the 3d-cube-spin for changing desktops is kind of awesome.


(It actually looks rather better than this random still.) Plus, almost everything is customizable, something I appreciate after the rather rigid Ubuntu.


And I know it's dumb to be swayed by such things, but I have always found Fedora's name hilarious.  I read tons of noir and hardboiled.  I love fedoras.


And just in case that's not sufficient fun, Fedora release names are even more entertaining than Ubuntu's: r18 (which was apparently terrible) was Spherical Cow, r19 (which had an extremely delayed release date) was Schrodinger's Cat, and r20 ("embrace the bugs") is Heisenbug.


So if Ubuntu is going to partner with Amazon and start acting like blackhats,

I'm going to go pick up RedHat Fedora.