Random question: I'm finally getting around to gutting my reviews on GR, starting with the comparatively popular ones and moving on from there.  In each review, I want to note that I'm leaving only a stub because I'm distressed by GR's recent actions. (See? Staying on topic, GR!) then link to a good summary (or summaries) of the event. 


I'm no longer really up to date on the whole thing, so the posts I've been linking to (mainly Ceridwen's "Last 24 Hours" post, which is a fantastic summary of most of the initial drama, as well as GR's "Important Note" post) may not capture the full story any more.  Anyone have any suggestions of concise but thorough posts about it that contains sufficient screencaps, citations, and links to be informative and convincing to anyone who is utterly unfamiliar with what's been going on? From people I talked to during the Off-Topic book stuff, there seems to be a general belief from more casual users that this is basically 100% the "bullying reviewers'" fault.I'd like to link to some facts about both what GR did and what precipitated it. For bloggers, recs of your own blog posts are much appreciated :)