Once upon a time, a group of booklovers created a community where, they hoped, discussions and recommendations and conversations could thrive, lifted out of the mire of product and purchase.
But as the site grew and flourished, the owners began to hear a whisper: 'Think of all the profits that could be made with a little weeding. All that money, for just a smidgeon of pruning...'
What harm, thought the owners, could a little cutting and reshaping and curtailment do?
Spoiler: It didn't end well.


Off Topic is the story of what caused so many of us to move here.
We're trying to make it a contender for a write-in place in the GR Choice Awards.

If you're on GR, please READ*, RATE, and VOTE for the book!

(categories: debut author, nonfiction, and memoir)!

Link to GR page: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18749172-off-topic


What better way is there to give the community a voice than to get our story into the semifinal round of GR's own contest?

According to GR, it's the number of nominations and the number of book ratings that matter--please, help us to make this happen!


*It's under a Creative Commons license--you can read it for free here!