Last week I had the rather interesting experience of undergoing retinal detachment surgery.  Not the nice, fuzzy, easy, laser variety, mind you. The kind with scleral buckles.  Because of that, I kind of lost my vision in one eye for a while, but even worse, I can't go to the gym for a month. Now, for me, this is a tragedy, and not just in terms of physical fitness.  See, the only place I read fiction is at the gym. On an elliptical.  Period. Granted, maybe I could experiment with the novelty of reading in a chair or something, but given the fact that it now takes the cyclopian version of me rather longer to read and Real Life and Real Work are piling up in a precarious postoperative precipice, I decided to go book-free* for a month.

I've already had difficulties lasting a week.

What fun this is going to be...


On the positive side, I am now wearing a metal eyepatch that makes me look like a borg from Star Trek Next Gen.

Resistance is futile.


On the negative side, it means I won't be on here as much, so apologies if I'm slow to respond or miss some of the wonderful reviews through my feed.

*I'm still listening to audiobooks, mind you.