In the broader sense, I have no idea. In a narrow sense, well, I'm a Goodreader who sees the winds of change in some of Goodreads' peculiar new changes in policy; for example, their recent decision to moderate shelve tags that say "no thanks", "due to author," and similar.


The jist: From GR: "We have done our best to uphold these tenets, and they aren’t changing. But we recently recognized that we can do a better job enforcing them, particularly in the small number of situations where tensions start to run high. We took a long, hard look at our guidelines and how we moderate Goodreads and identified some areas where we can be clearer and where we can improve."

... so, to restate...

"Let us move forward, then, into a new era of openness, effectiveness and accountability, intent on preserving what ought to be preserved, perfecting what needs to be perfected, and pruning wherever we find practices that ought to be prohibited."

Thank you, Professor Umbrage.


Mind you, according to GR, "Someone used the word censorship to describe this. This is not censorship - this is setting an appropriate tone for a community site. We encourage members to review and shelve books in a way that makes sense for them, but reviews and shelves that focus primarily on author behavior do not belong on Goodreads."

This message has been brought to you by the Ministry of Truth.

Please avoid such thoughtcrimes in future.


Anyway. Although I thought I could import my reviews directly here, it looks like that won't work. So instead, I'll be adding them a little at a time. I'm still at goodreads--you can find me at and am now trying out LibraryThing-- and tried actually, yaknow, starting an actual blog, but gave up on that pretty fast.


I think I'm going to stick it out here and at GR. See you around!