Alcatraz Versus the Evil Librarians - Brandon Sanderson
The first disappointing read I have encountered from Sanderson, I found this to be poorly written, poorly characterized, and taking place in a poorly thought-out and poorly designed world. I think I just am completely lacking in the facet of humour that would make this book enjoyable.For me, It was hard enough to suspend disbelief and get into Alcatraz's world. To make it even more difficult, at the start of each chapter, I was jerked out of the story by the first person narrator breaking the fourth wall and trying to make wise and sarcastic comments directly to the reader. He takes pot shots at most of the other fantasy series (especially Harry Potter and C.S. Lewis) which came off to me as petulant rather than funny. I found him unsympathetic and irritating. I won't be reading again, but depending on tolerance for breaking the fourth wall and some basic logical issues with the world, this could be a fun read, especially for a younger audience.