The Complaints - Ian Rankin

**Note: This is a reaction--a few ill-considered opinions not backed up by textual evidence-- rather than a review.**

It's always interesting to read a book from the perspective of the IAD/Complaints/Watchers of the Watchmen. As always, the watchers turn out to be just as corrupt as the watchmen. The Complaints introduces a new protagonist, Malcom Fox, who turns out to be just as rough-edged and difficult as John Rebus. I'm not sure what I think about him or his morals, but I found him a bit easier to sympathise with than Rebus. For me, the most interesting aspect of the book was its focus on the odd friendship that develops between Fox and one of his suspects. About half the efforts of the book is spent on their bromance, and it's pretty well drawn. Honestly, I think my major issue with the book was Fox's sister Jude, not just because her role as victim and defender of her abuser is left pretty stark and unexplored, but because whenever she was mentioned, I got "Hey Jude" stuck in my head.
And not the Beetles version.
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