So, I've seen the whole "What I Look Like" challenge from its beginnings and I've enjoyed seeing all of your real faces and seeing how they match my imagination. Like practically everyone else here, I don't really do photos.  I'm also doing the whole pseudoanonymous thing* here, so no actual honest-to-goodness photos from me. The best I can do is a self-portrait I fortuitously did for a charcoal workshop two weeks ago. I'll leave it up to you to decide how close you think it is to reality.


Hint: in real life, my skin is not grey, but I really do make that weird half-smirk-due-to-bad-overbite expression.




* While it wouldn't be the end of the world to lose my pseudoanonymity, I prefer to keep my worklife (and thus my real name) and my opinionated reviewing stuff separate. In terms of photos, what this means is that if I use a photo here, I've effectively "burned" it and can never use it under my real identity, as image searching would trivially link identities. I never post art stuff under my real name anyway.