Because everyone else is doing it, and I'm a follower.


Hi, I'm Carly. I'm a software engineer and currently live in Silicon Valley. At heart, I'm a mystery reader, but these days, I prefer to read books that cross the boundaries of detective and speculative fiction. I also have a mild obsession with hardboiled/noir. I think it's the trenchcoats. Or possibly the fedoras.


Apart from reading and reviewing, I love hiking and biking and drawing. Right now I'm trying to get better at the latter. (I'm a secret fanart junkie and tend to go find it and/or draw it for the series I read.) 


I have a very strange reading pattern. For the last decade or so, basically the only place I read fiction is at the gym while on an elliptical machine and listening to "book soundtracks" that tend to be composed of movie and videogame soundtracks. I don't watch movies and I don't play games, but I love the music.


I don't own a dog--my pup, who I'm using as my icon, stayed with my parents when I went off to college--but I spend quite a lot of my free time volunteering as a dog socializer at the local animal shelter to get my doggie fix.


As for hiking, Northern California is a beautiful place for it; we've got everything from redwoods to deserts to oceans. So far I've seen coyote, quail, foxes, Tule elk, black-tailed deer, sea otters, seals, sea lions, and more, but I've yet to see a mountain lion.