Guards! Guards! - Terry Pratchett Sourcery - Terry Pratchett Night Watch - Terry Pratchett Jingo - Terry Pratchett Going Postal (Discworld Novels) by Pratchett, Terry (2004) Hardcover - Terry Pratchett Wyrd Sisters - Terry Pratchett Reaper Man - Terry Pratchett Witches Abroad - Terry Pratchett Feet of Clay - Terry Pratchett The Fifth Elephant - Terry Pratchett

A truly random assortment of Pratchett books is on a $0.99 firesale.

My favourite subseries--Feet of Clay, Jingo, Fifth Elephant, and Night Watch--are all currently $0.99.

I think I just spent over $10...


I linked all the ones I saw on sale up at the top of this post until I ran out of space. There's also Snuff, Moving Pictures, etc, etc, etc.


Now I just need to plan a Pratchett reread...


P.S. I wondered if there was something going on with HarperCollins, so I checked out eReaderIQ. Kadrey's Aloha from Hell and a bunch of Laura Lippmans and Lawrence Blocks are also up for grabs.