Hellblazer: Haunted - Warren Ellis, John Higgins


I just watched an advertisement for the tv show of Constantine. 

I've always heard that Constantine is the original supernatural detective, the template upon whom all the Harry Dresdens and Joe Pitts and Felix Castors and James Starks and Matthew Swifts and Alex Veruses and Bob Howards and Nathan Garretts and Cal Leandroses and Anton Gorodetskys and Markhats and Ravirns and John Taylors and Connor Greys of the world are wrought.



Constantine is blond.


How is Constantine blond?


My entire understanding the male-protagonist urban-fantasy genre has been shaken.


While I have run across a few red-haired PI's, I don't think I've ever encountered a blond one. I eventually concluded that it must be against their religion or something. I assumed that it was one of those unwritten rules: you can't be both blond and a supernatural detective. I always figured that dark hair was as integral to the position as trenchcoats and tasteless wisecracks.


Mind you, I do think that it is rather fitting. I always assumed they were based upon Philip Marlowe, dark-haired, trenchcoated, fast-talking, hardboiled detective extraordinaire. But from my perusal of Wikipedia, Constantine seems to be based upon the (blond) Sam Spade.


But even so, if the paradigmatic supernatural detective is blond, where on earth did all of these uniformly dark-haired detectives come from?



So. If I were to try to read a Constantine book, where would I start, bearing in mind that it might be my first and only graphic novel and I never had much patience with comics/illustrated stories?